4 Shampoo Mistakes You’re Making

Shampooing your hair can be hard on your strands, especially if you use too much of it or aren’t using the right products. Even if you’re showering with expensive brands and following all the instructions, there’s a chance you might be making common shampoo mistakes that could negatively impact your hair and scalp. Here are four shampoo mistakes to avoid so you can keep your hair looking and feeling great.

1) Not using the Right Products

How you shampoo your hair is just as important as what type of shampoo you use. Overusing shampoos that contain chemicals can dry out your hair, causing it to lose shine and become brittle. And remember, every time you wash your hair, you strip away natural oils that keep it healthy—so less is more when it comes to washing. The average woman’s daily shampooing frequency should be three times per week at most. If you are using a styling product on top of your shampoo, limit that application to once or twice per week, too. Also steer clear of products with alcohol listed in their ingredients; alcohol may make hair appear smooth for a while but also dries it out over time.

2) Washing Too Frequently

Sure, your hair is oily and may smell bad (not to mention look dirty and feel unwashed) after a couple of days. But if you’re washing it every day, you’re stripping away natural oils that keep it healthy and shiny. Instead, try shampooing two or three times a week—your hair will be healthier for it.

3) Washing Incorrectly

One of the most common shampoo mistakes is washing your hair too often. If you wash your hair every day, not only are you stripping it of natural oils, but you’re also drying out your scalp. When you dry out your scalp, it begins to produce excess oil to compensate. Think about how great your hair feels after a day at the beach—all that sun, salt water and sand build up on strands making them look dull and lifeless.

4) Not Drying Correctly After Showering

Always towel dry your hair completely before applying conditioner. Leaving excess water on can actually strip away some of your natural oils, leaving you with dull-looking strands and unhealthy looking hair. Use a towel that’s thick enough to absorb excess water, but not so rough as to damage your hair with abrasion. Be gentle! Towel drying is an important step in avoiding frizz—and thin towels just won’t do.

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